Alaska in 3 minutes

Cosa c’e’ da vedere in Alaska. Tutto in 3 minuti: balene, orsi, foche, ghiacciai, cascate, lontre di mare, boschi, spiagge, laghi e molto ancora…


Homer, Alaska “Sunset” Time Lapse 4K

This is my first experiment with video a 4K.  Without having a 4K video camera, this video is composed by single photos exported at the resolution of 4096 x 2160 and combined together in a movie using the software Time-Lapse Assembler. I shot one picture every minute for about 12 hours using a Canon 5D and Tokina Lens 11-16 mm 2.8 and with a very inexpensive remote control timer.  To fully enjoy the movie you will need a 4K television.